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Kings, dragons, and picnics


Miles walked 2018: 345 / 1,000 on the 1,000 miles in a year challenge.

Another Bank Holiday weekend came and went. As we are trying to create a pond and seating area in the garden, Saturday and Sunday was spent trying to make some progress on that but, due to the heatwave, it was just to hot to work outside for long.

I also had an appointment at 2am Monday to drive the eldest daughter and grandson to Luton Airport as they were flying out to see our youngest daughter who is living in Iceland for a year, working with the Red Cross.


I’ve been a bit ‘between books’ recently in my reading but took up Bill Bryson’s Road to Little Dribbling again. After reading Notes from a Small Island many years ago – which is laugh out loud funny – I thought I’d laugh as much at Bill’s second travel journal around Britain. But I had struggled with it a bit at the beginning and moved onto something else. But now I was back into his journey and warming again to his description of our eccentricity and, at times, nonsensical approach to life.

As I tried to settle down for a couple of hours sleep, I got to the chapter where Bill Bryson visits East Anglia, where we live. He writes about Sutton Hoo – a place we have visited a couple of times but no for a while.

His take on Sutton Hoo stirred my interest in the story of King Rædwald of East Anglia.

Rædwald reigned from about 599 until his death around 624. Sutton Hoo is of primary importance to early medieval historians because it sheds light on a period of English history that is on the margin between myth, legend, and historical documentation. Use of the site culminated at a time when Rædwald, the ruler of the East Angles, held senior power among the English people and played a dynamic if ambiguous part in the establishment of Christian rulership in England; it is generally thought most likely that he is the person buried in the ship.

I got back from the airport run around 5am and tried to get a bit more sleep.

After breakfast I suggested to Mrs E that we should go out and perhaps visit Sutton Hoo. I knew if we stayed at home it was way to hot to work in the garden and if we stayed in I’d just doze all day in the chair trying to catch up on sleep.

So we packed a picnic (but forgot the picnic blanket!) and headed off to Sutton Hoo.

The place was heaving and we eventually parked in the overflow car park. After showing our NT passes to get in free we took the free map and decided to do a perimeter walk as we hadn’t done that before. Also most people stay near the burial mounds and the museum and don’t venture further afield.

But first, I wanted to see the amazing helmet – or a replica at least – of King Rædwald.


Soon we were on the walk and, sure enough, we had the woodland walk almost to ourselves and escaped the crowds.


We met a dragon and walked through peaceful woodland.


When we got back to the centre we found a couple of free deck chairs and sat in the shade of a tree as we ate our picnic.


The day’s total was 5 miles of walking – not a huge walk but a bit more than my average day, and all eats into the 1,000 mile target for this year.

To date I have walked 416 miles – that’s 6 miles further than the length of the A1 (which is 410 miles long).

416 miles is exactly what I should have walked by the end of May to stay on target so that’s reassuring.

Right, I off now to go and collect daughter and grandson from Luton as they are returning shortly from their Icelandic adventure.

I’ve walked the entire length of the London Underground!


Miles walked: 253/1,000

Things have calmed down a bit since last week and the trip to Iceland, to see the youngest, and then the London Landmarks Half Marathon, to support the eldest.

Although the temperature has increased a bit and the snow is a fading memory, Spring is struggling to arrive.

The week has been very wet but I have managed to get a few miles of walking in each day.

I’m gradually eating away at the 1,000 mile target for this year.

There are various encouraging milestones along the way but this weekend, I passed 250 miles.

That’s equivalent to the whole length of the London Underground!

In comparison, it’s 204 miles overground from Hull to London – so 250 miles of Underground Rail network is impressive for the Capital City.

Also, 250 miles is a quarter of my 1,000 mile target, so as the first quarter of the year comes to a close, I’m on target to complete the 1,000 miles by the end of December.


London Landmarks Half Marathon


Miles walked: 237 of 1,000 target for 2018

No. I didn’t run it! Sunday morning was an early start driving to Redbridge tube station to go into London, where our eldest daughter, Beckie, was running the London Landmarks Half Marathon. We’d lost an hour’s sleep as the clocks had gone forward for British Summer Time the night before.

There was an app that tracked each runner so we looked up Beckie and had a live visual on the map of where she was.

Photo 25-03-2018, 11 26 01

We wanted to cheer her on at several points so we spent the day walking briskly between various points on the track to catch up with her.

Photo 26-03-2018, 11 09 13

A great day, with a fantastic atmosphere. Beckie was running to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital (G.O.S.H.), where our son, her little brother, had died in 1987. She’d been to visit the house where we lived in London the night before, and memories of her little brother flooded back, making it an emotional time.

Photo 03-04-2018, 09 53 28

As we chased about, we passed some of the bus stops and train stations we used to use when we took him on hospital visits when we lived in London in the 1980s. Quite and emotional day.


Beckie exceeded her target and raised about £600 for G.O.S.H.

We clocked up 7 miles of our own chasing Beckie around the 13+ mile track!


A lovely atmosphere and lots of £ raised for many charities. Great day.

Walk 1,000 miles in a year!


‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’

Chinese philosopher Laozi, Tao Te Ching, chapter 64

I’ve decided to challenge myself to walk 1,000 miles in a year – by 31st December 2018. It only amounts to an average of 2.7 miles a day, so it’s achievable. But it will require commitment.

By yesterday I’d completed 53 miles. I’d have got further but my decision to attempt the 1,000 miles in a year coincided with my right knee playing up. Nothing too serious but sometimes a bit too painful to walk very far.

I only made the decision to walk 1,000 miles a few days ago but fortunately my Apple Watch has been tracking my walking distances since the first day of the year.

As you can see from the table below, some days I fell short of the 2.7 daily target but other days did more.

As the days get longer they’ll be more opportunities to walk further.

I’ll be posting pictures and thoughts about my journey through this year.

01/01/2018 3.4 3.4
02/01/2018 1.6 5.0
03/01/2018 2.8 7.8
04/01/2018 2.0 9.8
05/01/2018 3.3 13.1
06/01/2018 3.6 16.7
07/01/2018 1.7 18.4
08/01/2018 1.4 19.8
09/01/2018 3.4 23.2
10/01/2018 5.1 28.3
11/01/2018 2.9 31.2
12/01/2018 2.8 34.0
13/01/2018 2.9 36.9
14/01/2018 0.9 37.8
15/01/2018 2.7 40.5
16/01/2018 1.9 42.4
17/01/2018 3.9 46.3
18/01/2018 2.0 48.3
19/01/2018 2.4 50.7
20/01/2018 2.9 53.6