– a journey around Britain and the soul.

Blank white book w/pathDon Egan was feeling restless and wanted to ponder the meaning of life. So he got in his car and drove over 2,700 miles around Britain for two weeks.

He headed down to Land’s End and then meandered all the way up to John O’Groats and then back to Suffolk.

He met up with old friends, made new friends and thought about lost friends. He revisited places that seemed to have some spiritual significance, and sometimes found significance where he least expected it.

Like many of us, Don is bored by traffic jams, irritated by loud people and frustrated when there’s no Wifi. But he takes these everyday experiences, as well as the bigger challenges of life, and makes us think a little harder about them. He sees the spiritual in the everyday, while still keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

Heartwarming and humourous, poignant and unexpected, this story may inspire you on your own journey.

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Blank white book w/pathDiscover how you can save time and money when writing and publishing your own book.

Guaranteed to save you hours by avoiding common pitfalls of new authors.

You will love all the proven tips and tricks to help you create your own published book virtually for FREE!

– Tips and tricks to help you write your book
– Step-by-step guide to publishing your work
– Detailed guide on formatting for e-readers
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a true story of love, loss, addiction, and recovery.

Blank white book w/pathIn Jaded Heart Don Egan distils the wisdom forged through decades of searching for personal peace, after the sudden death of both his parents and his son.

This book will help people who are struggling with grief and addictions and may not even realize it.

Discover how one man found an easy way to get free from compulsive behaviour and addictions.

Sharing his private journey through emotional pain, the author tells how he finally got free.

Shot through with life-changing quotes and helpful observations, Jaded Heart tells the reader how to take simple steps to live in better health – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For some people, this will be the best investment in their wellbeing they’ve ever made.

This book looks at these questions: How do addictions begin? How are habits formed? How do we get free from compulsive behaviour and addictions? How do we overcome grief and emotional hurt? How do we stay free? Why doesn’t God just heal us? Why trite and judgmental answers are so unhelpful.

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– a journey of the soul.

searching4homeverysmall-2In Searching for Home Don Egan visits the street where he grew up and discovers that many things have disappeared or changed. As he reflects on his childhood, he explores the human longing to belong – to have a place we call home. But what if our home no longer exists?

Using childhood memoir, Don explores thoughts on life, community, God, tragedy, abandonment and girls, among other things.

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– the secret history of Manchester and the whole world actually.

GODFREY BOOKDiscover the secret origins of Manchester and the whole world.

It all started on a hill near Oldham when a magic hermit named Godfrey decided to invent humans. Things didn’t go exactly as he hoped, due to a very unpleasant boggart who lived in Blackley.

But aided by his son Jack and the mysterious Sophia, Godfrey hatches a plan to rescue the humans.

Angels pop in for a brew most days apart from when Godfrey goes on holiday to North Wales.

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The autobiography of Don Egan, founder of the RSVP Trust. When tragedy struck it looked like it was all over. But then an amazing opportunity opened up in Africa to transform thousands of lives. And so the RSVP Trust was born.

The book also tells of Don’s search for miracles and how the blind received their sight as Don prayed for them. Told with a mixture of humour and gravity the story embraces scenes from Don’s childhood in Manchester through to his encounter with the Rwandan genocide.

“The moving story of an ordinary man following the extraordinary call of God. A joyful and tearful roller-coaster that will cause you to reflect about your own life.”

Paperback – Price £5 (was £7.99)

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