I’ve walked the entire length of the London Underground!


Miles walked: 253/1,000

Things have calmed down a bit since last week and the trip to Iceland, to see the youngest, and then the London Landmarks Half Marathon, to support the eldest.

Although the temperature has increased a bit and the snow is a fading memory, Spring is struggling to arrive.

The week has been very wet but I have managed to get a few miles of walking in each day.

I’m gradually eating away at the 1,000 mile target for this year.

There are various encouraging milestones along the way but this weekend, I passed 250 miles.

That’s equivalent to the whole length of the London Underground!

In comparison, it’s 204 miles overground from Hull to London – so 250 miles of Underground Rail network is impressive for the Capital City.

Also, 250 miles is a quarter of my 1,000 mile target, so as the first quarter of the year comes to a close, I’m on target to complete the 1,000 miles by the end of December.


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