Ice, Ice, Baby…


Miles walked: 225 out of 1,000 mile target this year.

It’s been a busy March and thankfully it included some walking to get up to the 1,000 mile target this year.

On the 18th or March we flew out to Iceland to visit our youngest daughter, who is living there for a year, working for the Red Cross.

Ironically, the day we left the UK the ice and snow moved in, and I was uncertain if we’d make it to the airport in the very early hours.

Photo 17-03-2018, 20 39 20.jpg

However, over in Iceland they had 8 degrees of warmness and most of the snow had thawed in Reykjavik.

We arrived on the Sunday and met up with the daughter and had a wander around the town.

Photo 18-03-2018, 13 51 59

Our eldest daughter had been out recently as well as my younger brother, and it was interesting to recognise buildings they had put up on Instagram.

Photo 19-03-2018, 09 52 15.jpg

On the Monday, Mrs E and I went for a wander around the town and then met up with Heather.

Photo 19-03-2018, 14 30 45 (1)

Everything is expensive here but we found a little cafe and I had some rather nice eggs and bacon that cost me £19 (19 GBP = $27 US). Very expensive but there are few alternatives here in Reykjavik.

We’d already had quite a walk but Heather had planned a walk for us so, in the afternoon, we visited the coast and found a volcanic beach. My feet were beginning to ache a little as I didn’t bring my walking shoes. But no problem! Heather took us to a natural foot spa on the beach! Water as hot as you’d have a bath, bubbles into a stone pool. Although the weather was very cold the water was nice and hot. Bliss!

Photo 19-03-2018, 16 22 51

We walked over 12 miles that day, so hopefully I’m getting ahead with my daily average.

The next day, Heather was working so we entertained ourselves exploring more of Reykjavik but it was a bit of a rainy day.

Photo 20-03-2018, 10 08 20 (1)

So we paid a visit to the iconic parish church or Hallgrímskirkja as it’s called here. We were staying just across the road from here but it was nice to go inside. It was much less cluttered with the barnacles of the past than many English churches – probably due to only being built between 1945 and 1986. If IKEA built churches, they may look like this.

Photo 20-03-2018, 09 59 21

We sat inside for a while and, even with the tourists coming and going, there was a sense of peace here.

That evening we went to a jazz bar, which was busy but had a great atmosphere. It was good to see the town at night all lit up.

Photo 21-03-2018, 09 57 45

On Wednesday, Heather hired a car to drive us out to see waterfalls and geysers. What a day! Driving through blizzards, snow, ice and rain, through to clearer skies.

Photo 21-03-2018, 12 55 20

On the last day, it was our daughter’s birthday and she came over to have breakfast with us before we left for the airport.

Including all the airport walking, our little Icelandic adventure clocked up 40 miles to add to my running total towards my target of 1,000 miles in a year.


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