A quick fix when you feel low

walk All of us get down from time to time. It’s hard to get back to a positive feeling about life sometimes. If we get depressed about life there’s a few things we can do. Don’t get me wrong – it’s stupid and hurtful to tell someone who is depressed to ‘snap out of it’. I’ve been depressed myself in the past and I know that is just not possible.

Neither am I talking about clinical depression. I am talking about when we get really low and just can’t seem to break that feeling. I’m going to cover each of these aspects in more detail in the book and on the blog but here’s a quick rundown of a few things that will start to improve your life from day one.

Sleep. Eat properly. Walk.

Sleep cures a lot of stuff. Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Eating junk food can cause feelings of depression and flatten our mood. Eat only healthy stuff for a few days. Try a week. Eliminate or seriously limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a depressant. Drinking to drown your sorrows will only make you feel worse in the morning.

Go for a walk for an hour. Walking is simple, free and available to most people. It has many health benefits and can lift your mood quickly.

If you feel low or depressed, do these three things everyday for a least a week and you will start to feel better about life. Sleep. Eat. Walk. Make them your daily rituals.

There may be all sorts of reasons for why you feel low, but I am convinced these three things each day will help 95% of people when they feel stuck. Often it just takes one small change to our daily routine to significantly change things for the better.

‘One thing you lack.’ – Jesus


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