When God came to Manchester

Have you ever read a Bible story and struggled to make real sense of it? Most of us have at some time. Back in June, I was having one of those moments. As I meditated for a while, a strange thought came to me – What if God lived near Oldham?

You see, I grew up in North Manchester, not far from Oldham. If God had lived near Oldham and all the Bible stores happened in the Manchester area, I think I would understand them better.

I began to wonder what would have happened if the Garden of Eden had been located in Piccadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester… So I wrote a little story about that.

Then more questions came to mind. What if Noah lived in Clayton Vale? What if Jesus lived in the park I used to play in? And where would such a God go on holiday?

The result of this meditation is a new book – a story that traces the Bible narrative but locates all the events in the Manchester area.

It’s an easy to read exploration of the Bible located in a more familiar environment. It is a bit Northern and has moments of comedy, while exploring the profound subject of God’s grace towards humans.

As I wrote this story, I felt drawn closer to God. My hope is that those who read it will feel the same. The book – The Chronicles of Godfrey – is now available in Paperback and on Kindle from Amazon and also fromRSVP Trust.

“This book is superb. Very creative and a fantastic read. You will not be disappointed. One of the best books I’ve read in a while.”
Barry Woodward – author of Once An Addict.

May you live loved in the Father everyday.

Don Egan


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