Your next step

On my first visit to Rwanda, back in 1996, there was a steep learning curve. Not only were we trying to understand the terrible things that had happened in that country, but also as I tried to hear from God about the direction our ministry was going.

Most of us think we want the whole blueprint of our life and work mapped out for us. But, if God ever did that, most of us would run a mile through fear.

At one church I preached in, we heard that the Pastor was ill with malaria and lay sick at home. I was asked if I would mind visiting him to pray for him. I agreed and we set of into the night, walking across Kigali.

We reached a place where the houses were packed tightly together and the ground was rough. There were no street lights in this district, as we navigated the maze of passages between the houses. It was so dark we couldn’t see our hand in front of our face.

Then I remembered I had a tiny little torch on my key ring. It had been a little stocking filler at Christmas. It was just the length of one small battery. I found it and twisted the end so it came on. Then my friend and the two Rwandans with us gathered round its light, as we navigated to the Pastor’s house. Progress was slow as the light only illuminated our next couple of steps. When I lifted it up and shone it into the distance it became useless. But when I shone it on the ground, in front of our feet, it showed us the way.

The lesson I learnt from that time is that God works the same way. He doesn’t show us the far horizon. He shows us the next couple of steps. His direction is like that mini-torch I had in Rwanda.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalms 119:105

If you are seeking God for direction today, it is likely you will only see the next step or two. Take those steps and then he will show you more.


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